Culture Criminals X LaVan Wright

LaVan Wright is a talented artist from Queens, NY who specializes in graphic designs and illustrations, but that isn’t LaVan’s only skill, he is a painter, clothing designer and tattoo artist who’s been tattooing for a year and a half.

Under Armour Elite24

Photog By : Yours Truly  

Day Of Rage Protest for Michael Brown and Eric Garner

#NoJusticeNoPeace #DontShoot #NoMore #Ferguson

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Culture Criminals X Sophia Dawson

Sophia Dawson who also goes by the name (IAmWetPaint) is a Brooklyn based artist who captures the raw emotion of black historical figures that have impacted society. Sophia uses her artwork as a tool to educate not only to visually stimulate but mentally as well.

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Nike Model - Thai

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Last night at The Nike Hall Of Phenomenal

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Take Flight…

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Culture Criminals X Andres Gallardo

Andres Gallardo, a mixed media artist from Long Island who has been creating a buzz in his city and the art world. He has been crafting and giving away his art pieces which he calls “Dropping Gems”.


Artist paperfrank painting his signature piece at Inked Magazine office.

Photog By Yours Truly


Cultural Criminals is a video series dedicated to capturing the individuality and originality of independent artists on the verge of greatness. The series aims to provide a platform for these creatives and inspire the art community at large by giving an inside look into the minds and works of rising talents.

Culture Criminal: / ˈkəlCHər ‘krimənl/ 

Culture Criminals debuts with Technodrome1, a Brooklyn-based, digital graphic artist who’s shaking up the art world with his signature use of vivid colors on portraits of popular icons.